Another great session

Yesterday was the second session of this years expedition training and for most of the group it was time to try a get to grips with maps. For some it was a morning spent outside constructing tarpaulin shelters, putting up tents and making hot chocolate on an Trangia.

The map session began looking a a few different map sections and talked about the different symbols, features on the maps, and grid references.The group then used this knowledge to complete a story about the life of Edward, following a route on the map and doing a map symbol quiz. There is a OS information booklet linked below.

For the group outside, it was cold and the ground frozen, but they made good shelters and were grateful of the hot chocolate. With the ground so hard the tents were put up inside the centre.

Next week we will be in two groups again, with the Silver group off paddling on the river and the Bronze group learning about working out how far they have travelled and in what direction.

Click here for the OS Map Reading Made Easy Peasy booklet

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