Sunday 29 January

Well, Sunday was another very successful, and hopefully, enjoyable session. We had two groups again.

The non-direct silver participants initially met with Kevin and reviewed their activity logs for the skill, physical and volunteering section. They then went for a paddle in a bell boat with Rich, which I understand went well, if a little wet and cold.
With the direct silver and bronze participants, we spent the morning talking about compasses, bearings and how to know how far you travel. We started inside learning about the compass and how to take a bearing, then we went outside and followed some bearings. We also spent time working out our pacings, this is how many paces it takes to cover 100m. And talked about using time to work how far you’ve gone over longer distances.
During the session, some people had their activity logs signed off by Kevin, we will continue to do this so please bring them along so that we can get them signed off, then log in to edofe and enter the details on there.
We also talked about the training walk which is coming up on Sunday 26 February for the direct silver and bronze participants. The young people got into groups for the walk, these are not necessarily the groups for the expeditions, and we spoke about the kit they will need for the walk. The young people will need to have a waterproof coat and over trousers, walking boots/shoes, a day rucksack, warm clothes, warm hat, gloves, lunch and snacks, water. Exact timings and locations etc will follow shortly.

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