Your Skills section is an opportunity to learn something new. This category has a large range and there’s so much you can learn and do – almost anything counts as a skill! You can of course use something you’re already doing as a Skill but it’s recommended (And more fun) to try something new.



Programming is becoming increasingly popular – especially in the Newcastle area.

Join along and learn using an online service like Treehouse ($9 per month for Student – Contact for details) or Codecademy (Free). Alternatively, there are a few clubs around the area – search the web for more details.


With cameras and apps on mobile phones getting better and better, it’s even easier to get into Photography!

Play around with your cameras advanced settings and maybe try out some online photo editing services like Ribbet or PicMonkey.


Cookery is a great skill to learn! Not only will it help you in life but, it tastes great as well (That’s if you cook it right, anyway).

Learn new recipes and skills by cooking! The activity can be done at home, providing evidence or maybe at school during lunchtime.

For more examples check out the section ideas pdf